Angielski rozszerzony słuchanie 3 matura maj 2016

Język angielski.

Angielski rozszerzony słuchanie 3 matura maj 2016 – listening 3 matura z języka angielskiego w nowej formule od 2015 r.


Wskazówka: Podczas matury każde nagranie odtwarzane jest dwukrotnie.

 Zadanie 1 – słuchanie.

Usłyszysz wywiad z producentem programów kulinarnych. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B, C albo D.




Angielski słuchanie 3 matura maj 2016 – „nowa” matura z języka angielskiego poziom rozszerzony.

3.1. Geoffrey became convinced he wanted to work with Julia Child after

(!trying one of her dishes in a New York restaurant) (!watching a TV programme she was hosting. ) (seeing her run a cookery class. ) (!attending a lecture about her.)

3.2. After Julia agreed to work with Geoffrey on the series Cooking with Master Chefs, she

(showed more involvement in the project than he expected.) (!made it clear she intended to travel as little as possible.) (!realised her age was going to be a disadvantage.)(!insisted on choosing the menus herself. )

3.3. Geoffrey recalls that in one of her programmes Julia

(!got angry because her dish did not meet someone’s expectations.)(!pretended she liked something which tasted awful.)(made her dish look less attractive on purpose.)(!had a violent argument with another chef.)

3.4. When working on the programme, Julia

(!prepared the dishes herself from start to finish.) (!read a detailed script before the actual filming.) (!filmed the staff in a basement kitchen.)(enjoyed improvising on the set.)

3.5. When answering the last question, Geoffrey

(!outlines Julia’s culinary dreams and ambitions.) (emphasizes Julia’s contribution to the culinary world.) (!explains why the profession of a chef is so challenging.)(!draws attention to the importance of homemade meals.)