Język angielski - Matura rozszerzona 2011 - arkusz 2, Słuchanie 3

Posłuchaj tekstu nagrania ćwiczenia trzeciego. Zadanie 6.

Usłyszysz wywiad z wywiad z szefem kuchni. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zaznacz literę A, B, C albo D.

Słuchanie ćwiczenie 3 - Matura rozszerzona arkusz 2, 2011.

6.1. When David was a child, (!   his mother often ordered pizza for dinner.) (!   he enjoyed having a family meal every day.) (   his mother liked improvising in the kitchen.) (!   he encouraged his mother to use new ingredients.)

6.2. David went to Los Angeles in order to (!   get the necessary experience as a waiter.) (!   start his own catering company.) (!   train to become a chef.) (   pursue an acting career.)

6.3. How does David organize his recipes? (!   He writes down every recipe he comes up with.) (   He uses different methods to record his recipes.) (!   He has a collection of well-organized recipe books.) (!   He sticks printed recipes on the side of the fridge.)

6.4. During a screen test for a cooking show, David (   invented one of his specialties.) (!   yelled at the director.) (!   fainted at the sight of blood.) (!   prepared an appetizer that got him a job on TV.)

6.5. In the interview, David mentions (!   the names of celebrities appearing in his show.) (!   the recipes which got him some awards.) (!   other professional chefs who inspired him.) (   the jobs he did before becoming a celebrity chef.)