Angielski rozszerzony słuchanie 3 matura czerwiec 2020

Język angielski.

Angielski rozszerzony słuchanie 3 matura czerwiec 2020 – listening 3 matura z języka angielskiego w nowej formule.


Wskazówka: Podczas matury każde nagranie odtwarzane jest dwukrotnie.

 Zadanie 3 – słuchanie.

Usłyszysz wywiad z aktorem, który zagrał rolę naukowca. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl jedną z liter: A, B, C albo D.




Angielski słuchanie 3 matura czerwiec 2020 – matura z języka angielskiego poziom rozszerzony.

3.1. Geoffrey Rush finally agreed to play the role of Einstein because (!the project he was working on with his wife was cancelled.) (!he managed to reschedule his other assignments.) (!the shooting of another film had ended earlier.) (the director of Genius postponed the filming.)

3.2. While preparing for the role. Rush learned that (Einstein had sometimes dressed in an eccentric way.) (!Einstein’s financial situation had been secure.) (!Einstein’s adolescence had been a troubled one.) (!Einstein had contributed to the creation of the atomic bomb.)

3.3. To transform Rush into Einstein, the make-up team (!changed the shape of his nose.)(gave him fuller eyebrows.)(!hid some wrinkles around his eyes.)(!made him wear wigs throughout the film.)

3.4. To prepare for filming, Rush and Flynn (!met scientists involved in research on Einstein.) (!watched films showing Einstein’s private life.) (were instructed by the same speech coach.)(!acted out their roles on Skype.)

3.5. When answering the last question, Rush (!explains the value of Einstein’s scientific achievements.) (!talks about the ridicule Einstein was exposed to.) (!reveals how Einstein’s weaknesses affected his relationships.)(points out some features Einstein had in common with ordinary people.)