Angielski czytanie ćwiczenie 2 matura maj 2016

Angielski czytanie ćwiczenie 2 matura maj 2016 –

drugie ćwiczenie na rozumienie tekstu czytanego. Reading 2 „nowa” matura.

Zadanie 5. – czytanie ćwiczenie 2
Przeczytaj trzy teksty dotyczące podróży. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Zaznacz literę A, B albo C.

Tekst 1.


AHere I am again but what a day it was! In the early morning, after a night at the Ivy Hotel in Cincinnati, Dad called the airline to confirm our flight. The woman on the phone said there was a mistake. There wasn’t any plane to Seattle at 9 a.m. In fact, the next available flight was in twelve hours! Can you imagine? Dad shouted, begged and threatened. He kept saying he was travelling with two kids. Finally, the representative booked us on a flight with a connection in Minneapolis. We weren’t happy about it, thinking of everything that could go wrong. Finally, late in the evening, we arrived home. Welcome back!

adapted from

5.1. The text is about

(a problem with a return journey.) (!making a mistake when booking a hotel. ) (!something that went wrong during a flight.)

Tekst 2.


Dear Editor,
I 've read your article advertising the Riviera Hotel as a peaceful place to have some rest and enjoy the countryside. You must be joking! I was there last month with my parents and i t 's the worst place you can imagine! There's some construction work going on nearby. The builders are using heavy machinery, so the noise and dust make relaxation impossible. There were also serious complaints about the standard o f the hotel buffet. The holiday was a nightmare.
Kate, 19, Manchester

adapted from

5.2. Kate wrote the letter

(!to complain about the behaviour of hotel staff.) (!to give advice on how to avoid problems in a hotel.) (to express dissatisfaction with her stay at a hotel.)

Tekst 3.


A steam engine was waiting. The first few carriages were packed with students, some hanging out of the window to talk to their families, some fighting over seats. Harry pushed his trolley down the platform in search of an empty seat. He pressed on through the crowd until he found an empty compartment near the end of the train. He started to move his suitcase towards the train door. He tried to lift it up the steps but could hardly raise one end and dropped it painfully on his foot. "Want a hand with it?" a red-haired boy asked. "Yes, please. That's very kind of you," Harry replied.

adapted from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling

5.3.The boy spoke to Harry because

(!Harry had left the trolley on the platform.) (he wanted to offer Harry his help with the luggage.) (!there were no empty seats in the compartment.)