I know everything 2015

I know everything 2015.

Kolejna edycja Konkursu wiedzy o krajach anglojęzycznych.

Poniżej znajduje się quiz wiedzy o krajach anglojęzycznych “I know everything 2015”. Jak sama nazwa wskazuje można spodziewać się wszystkiego, co ma związek z nauką języka angielskiego. W tej wersji, rozszerzonej, konkurs obejmuje wiadomości z religioznawstwa brytyjskiego i obszarów Stanów Zjednoczonych Ameryki Północnej (USA) jak i Australii oraz zagadnienia z gramatyki angielskiej i słownictwa.

Quiz trwa 12 minut i zawiera 45 pytań. Po wprowadzeniu danych, zaznaczeniu poprawnych odpowiedzi należy nacisnąć przycisk Submit quiz .

Wyniki quizu zostaną przesłane na podany adres e-mail. W przypadku udzielenia takiej samej liczby poprawnych odpowiedzi o zajętym miejscu będzie decydował krótszy czas wykonania zadania. 



Welcome to your I know everything 2015

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1. The word 'play truant' means ...
2. I ..... her since last year.
3. She ... in the park when she saw a crash.
4. Will you .... this letter to the post office for me, please?
5. He ….. Cornwall for the first time in 1990.
6. I am learning English ..... a better job in the future.
7. She is not interested .... reading.
8. How often do you .... your English classes?
9. I think she plays the piano really..... .
10. What is the name of the American group presented in the picture?
11. She ....... to Egypt once.
12. I .... a lot of photos last summer.
13. My ... at work are all much younger than I am.
14. The ship that took a group of English settlers to Plymouth, Massachusetts in the USA in 1620 was:
15. The Civil War in the USA took place between:
16. The word ' fill in' means ...
17. The test was difficult but I... to pass it at the end.
18. The man presented in the photo and the author of 'The Lord Of The Rings' is:
19. I have to ask a ... to repair the leaking tap in the kitchen.
20. The place which holds the US's gold bullion is called:
21. The Great Fire of London was in ...
22. He .... a bath when the phone rang.
23. She won the first ... in the competition.
24. They are the girls ...... found this dog yesterday.
25. Where does the English Queen live when she stays in London?
26. The word 'swap places' means ...
27. Kate Midletown is the mother of:
28. Does your father ......... glasses when he reads?
29. She ... more in her job than her husband does.

What was the name of the ship which sank in 1912?

31. What is the name of the King Arthur's sword?
32. The national symbol of the USA is:

33. The longest river in the USA is:
34. Windy City is a popular name of:
35. The capital city of Northern Ireland is:
36. I'm older than my brother. He ....... only 5 years old.
37. Britain’s oldest university is:

38. They didn`t get on well any more so they got ... .
39. Can you ...... me what time it is?
40. She .... in her new house now.
41. What is the name of the band presented in the picture?
42. The word 'downpour' means...
43. I promise I ... you.
44. I can't see you on Sunday because I ..... to the cinema.
45. They were a couple but they .... up a year ago.

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