Angielski rozszerzony słuchanie 3 matura maj 2017

Język angielski.

Angielski rozszerzony słuchanie 3 matura maj 2017 – listening 3 matura z języka angielskiego w nowej formule.


Wskazówka: Podczas matury każde nagranie odtwarzane jest dwukrotnie.

 Zadanie 1 – słuchanie.

Usłyszysz wywiad wywiad z kobietą, która zmieniła swój styl życia. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B, C albo D.




Angielski słuchanie 3 matura maj 2017 – „nowa” matura z języka angielskiego poziom rozszerzony.

3.1. Why did Noelle decide to change her life?

(!She couldn’t stand the neighbourhood she lived in.) (!She was unable to find another job in New York.) (She realized she felt miserable living in New York.) (!She encountered problems with having her book published.)

3.2. What does Noelle say about her New York friends?

(!They neglected her because of college duties.) (!They frequently competed with her.) (They had little time for socializing.)(!They refused to contact her online.)

3.3. Which is TRUE about life on the island?

(Rainwater is used for everyday purposes.)(!The main town has an extensive road network.)(!There are no Internet services available there.)(!Its inhabitants mainly use public transport to move around.)

3.4. Which of the following does Noelle mention as an option for the future?

(changing her place of residence) (!settling down on a nearby island) (!setting up a business of her own)(!searching for permanent employment)

3.5. Answering the last question, Noelle encourages listeners to

(!save enough money to have a carefree future.) (reflect on their real needs.) (!plan their life strategy well in advance.)(!prepare well for their vacation.)