Angielski czytanie ćwiczenie 3 matura maj 2019

Angielski czytanie ćwiczenie 3 matura maj 2019 – trzecie zadanie na rozumienie tekstu czytanego. Reading 3 – „nowa” matura.


Zadanie 6 – czytanie ćwiczenie 3.

Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu.
Zakreśl literę A, B, C albo D.



About two years ago Eva Liparova, a theatre producer from London, got a contract in the USA and started to fly the London-San Francisco-London route regularly. After several 13-hour flights, she found it strange that on such a long journey people did not talk much to one another.
Everybody watched movies, listened to music on headphones or played games on their smartphones. Liparova decided to do something about it. She boarded her next San Francisco flight with an empty notebook in her handbag, determined to ask people to write stories about
themselves and share them with fellow passengers. She believed the stories could act as a natural icebreaker and would get them to talk.

Yet, this wasn’t as easy as she had imagined, because at 30,000 feet she suddenly found herself suffering from stage fright. “When I think of it now, it was rather stressful, because it took me about four hours to gather the courage to walk up to the first person!” she says with a laugh.
But eventually she did. She handed the notebook to a woman sitting in the first row. Inside the notebook, there was Eva’s short introduction, a story, and her question. She also gave a set of instructions:

1. Read the last entry in this notebook and answer the question below it.
2. Write your own story and ask a new question.
3. Pass the notebook to the passenger next to you.
4. Before landing, return the notebook to Eva (seat 42E).
Recommended: sign with your seat number and leave your email

It took hours until the last person returned the notebook to Eva. In total, 33 people answered the questions and wrote their stories. Some were more personal than others, including entries about honeymoons, babies and marriage proposals. Eva noticed that where the notebook had
been passed, the passengers started talking to each other more. She was very happy about that. Her only regret is that few people left their emails in the notebook and only one of them, Flossie, answered Eva’s message. Eva hopes to find the rest of the people through social media and show them what they all created in the clouds. Eva would like to do her project again, but this time she wants to make sure that the people who decide to take part in it get the chance to read all the stories before landing.

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6.1. Eva came up with her plan because (!she needed new topics for her work at the theatre.) (she wanted passengers to interact more during the flight.) (!passengers were bored with the movies offered on the plane. ) (!passengers complained about the 13-hour flight.)

6.2. Why didn’t the passengers begin to write stories just after boarding? (!Eva couldn’t decide who to start with.) (!The first person Eva asked refused to do it.) (!A few people couldn’t understand what to do.) (Eva didn’t feel confident enough to ask anyone to begin.)

6.3. In her instructions, Eva asked the passengers to (!continue writing the story she had started.) (write a question for the person they would give the notebook to.) (!pass the notebook back to her after each question was added.) (!read all the stories other passengers had written in the notebook.)

6.4. Which of the following is TRUE? (!Thanks to Eva, many passengers have kept in touch after the flight.) (!Flossie has found some fellow passengers on social media.) (Eva would like to contact all the passengers who wrote their stories) (!The passengers managed to read all the stories before landing.)