Angielski rozszerzony słuchanie 3 matura próbna grudzień 2014

Angielski rozszerzony słuchanie 3 matura próbna grudzień 2014 – trzecie zadanie na rozumienie tekstu słuchanego. Przygotowanie do matury w nowej formule obowiązującej od 2015 roku.


Zadanie 3 – słuchanie ćwiczenie 3. Język angielski poziom rozszerzony.

Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu.
Zakreśl literę A, B, C albo D.




Angielski rozszerzony słuchanie 3 matura próbna grudzień 2014 – matura z języka angielskiego poziom rozszerzony.

3.1. Adele and Dan Wilson started to work together (!in response to Adele’s initiative.) (following somebody’s suggestion.) (!after Dan heard her singing in a duet.) (!after their chance meeting at Harmony Studio.)

3.2. Which sentence is TRUE about the process of writing the song? (Dan suggested minor modifications to Adele’s lyrics.) (!Adele insisted on changing the melody for one line.) (!Dan came up with a great opening line for the song.) (!Adele came to the studio with complete lyrics.)

3.3. What annoyed Dan was that Adele (!got away before the demo was completed.) (!was late for the session on the second day.) (played the unfinished song to her manager.) (!burst out crying during the recording.)

3.4.Dan found it surprising that (people’s reactions to the song were so similar.) (!the music company wanted to add a choir to the song.) (!Adele’s mother took the manager’s words so seriously.) (!the strings made people react so emotionally to the song.)

3.5. Answering the last question, Dan (!mentions one particular difficulty in writing the song.) (!explains why Adele insisted on recording the song once again.) (!describes his feelings after listening to the song for the first time.) (recalls their effort to find the best way for Adele to sing the song.)