Angielski rozszerzony gramatyka 1 matura maj 2018 odpowiedzi

Angielski rozszerzony gramatyka 1 matura maj 2018 odpowiedzi. – Rozumienie wypowiedzi – Struktury gramatyczno-leksykalne – „nowa” matura.

Zadanie 7 – struktury gramatyczno-leksykalne – rozumienie wypowiedzi.
Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, tak aby otrzymać logiczny
i gramatycznie poprawny tekst. Zakreśl literę A, B, C albo D.



You can do some cool things in space. Like sleep in zero gravity, for example. Or eat in zero gravity. But there are plenty of things astronauts can’t do because of this weightless environment. One of them is crying. When astronauts are sad or happy, they will never 7.1. D by shedding a tear, simply because it is impossible. 

The astronaut Chris Hadfield explains that tears can 7.2. B n space, but it isn’t a pleasant experience. A ball of liquid accumulates in the eye, but without gravity, it can’t flow downwards like it would on Earth. According to Hadfield, space tears sting.

Sad as it would be to 7.3. A in space without the ability to cry, we’d miss showering even more. 7.4.C a traditional showerhead doesn’t work in a weightless environment, the International Space Station has no shower. The poor astronauts just have a spray nozzle and
washcloths to clean up with.

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A. make it through

B. leave it alone

C. give it a go

D. let it show


A. produce

B. be produced

C. be producing

D. have produced


A. float

B. raise

C. drop

D. lift


A. Whether

B. Although

C. Since

D. Meanwhile