Język angielski - Matura 2013 - Czytanie

Zadanie 4. Przeczytaj tekst.

Dobierz właściwe podsumowanie (nagłówek) (A–H) do każdego fragmentu tekstu. Jedno podsumowanie (nagłówek) nie pasuje.

With your phone ringing and messages filling up your e-mail box, are you still tryingto decide how to select your new flatmate? Here’s some advice which may be useful.

4.1. - C. Divide the selection process into parts.

Choosing your ideal flatmate is a difficult task so it is a good idea to break it down into a few steps. Then you don’t have to worry about everything at the same time and it allows you to concentrate on each bit individually.

4.2. - F. Prepare a few questions to ask over the phone.

To start with, you need to limit the number of candidates to about ten names. To do so, you willhave to decide on 4 or 5 things you would like to ask people about when you call them. This way you can find out more about each person and decide if you want to meet them or not.

4.3. - A. Plan when to meet each candidate.

Write a list of people who you would like to see and invite them for an interview. When arranging interviews, it’s smart to meet with potential flatmates a few hours apart, so that you don’t have to stop talking to someone because the next candidate is waiting.

4.4. - D. Think of the right place.

Flatmate interviews are usually informal and can be held at different locations. It is advisable to meet outside your flat. For example, you could hold interviews in a local café or a shopping centre. Another option is taking a walk in the park.

4.5. - H. Talk it over with other flatmates.

If you already share a flat with other people, you will need to find out how they feel about the person and select a new flatmate together. You can do this by comparing each candidate to the profile of the perfect flatmate you’ve all agreed on.

4.6. - G. Don't hurry with the final decision.

Even when you have chosen the best candidate, don’t give the answer right away. Tell the person you will ring them the following day. If you still feel confident about your choice in the morning, it’s a sign the choice was right.

4.7. - B. Talk to the candidate's colleagues.

If possible, ask people who study or work with your potential flatmate for an opinion. They can tell you in what situations it might be difficult to get on with this person and what he or she is like. In this way you can discover any hidden surprises.

Dodatkowy, niepasujący element: E. Note down every phone call.

Adapted from www.flatwithme.com.au