Język angielski - Matura rozszerzona 2012, arkusz 1 - Stasowanie struktur leksykalno-gramatycznych 1

Zadanie 1.

Uzupełnij każdą lukę (1.1.–1.5.) jednym wyrazem, przekształcając wyraz podany w nawiasie, tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna wpisywanych wyrazów.


Should the fact that Sex in the City actress Kim Cattrall and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom collected honorary degrees give pause for serious thought? They were not the only ones on a list of similarly honoured celebrities. But who really benefits? And who pays for this 1.1. foolishness (FOOLISH)?

At a time when university degrees have been devalued, shouldn’t universities reconsider the message they are giving the real world? University staff should set an example to their students by nominating individuals who really deserve it, who 1.2. deepen (DEEP) their learning and 1.3. quietly (QUIET) do something worthwhile, people who become famous due to their scientific work, and not to the media 1.4. coverage (COVER) they get. Getting a degree requires plenty of hard work and students should be prepared for this. If any film star or musician can get an honorary degree for nothing, we’d better stop awarding them altogether. Sex in the City may be enjoyable in the lives of many students but the real world is a lot less 1.5. glamorous (GLAMOUR).

adapted from www.guardian.co.uk